Mini-hotel for rest in Moscow
Moscow is a huge metropolis, where millions of people are constantly in a hurry to earn more money. Many perceive the capital in this way. But there is another side.…

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Features of the hotel business in Russia
The hotel business belongs to the hospitality industry of any country. And, as you know, respect for the guest and the fulfillment of all his wishes is one of the…

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Hotel for an hour in Moscow
Services of mini-hotels for an hour have recently become increasingly popular in the metropolis. Hourly rates in Moscow are used by both citizens and visitors — businessmen, business travelers, and…

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The largest hotels and hotels in the world.

The largest hotels in the world are not just gigantic buildings with thousands of rooms, they are entire towns with complex internal infrastructure. The number of personnel in such hotels is comparable with the population of the regional center of central Russia.

1. Hotel First World Hotel in Malaysia. This huge hotel is rightfully considered the leader in the list of the largest in the world. The hotel is located near the capital of the state in the territory of a large and famous resort. The hotel has over 6000 rooms. It offers tourists a chain of restaurants, more than 80 fashion boutiques and two whole theme parks.

First World Hotel in Malaysia

2. Hotel MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The hotel has over 5000 rooms. This giant belongs to the famous Hollywood movie studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The hotel is impressive with huge statues of lions and a 20,000 square meter pool.

MGM Grand in Las Vegas

3. Hotel Luxor in Las Vegas. The hotel building has a recognizable pyramid shape, which made it one of the symbols of Las Vegas. The hotel can offer its guests 4,400 rooms and a wide range of diverse entertainment (from 3D IMAX attractions to the erotic dance show Fantasy).

Hotel Luxor in Las Vegas

4. Hotel Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel in Thailand. Located in the famous resort of Pattaya. the hotel is the second largest in Asia and the fourth in the world. The hotel has 4240 rooms. The hotel has its own beach with a length of 15 kilometers.

Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel in Thailand

5. Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Hotel in Hawaii. It is the largest hotel in the Hawaiian Islands and closes the five largest hotels in the world. Owned by Hilton Corporation. In addition to accommodation, guests can enjoy wellness and anti-aging treatments, dances, fireworks, boat trips and yachts. The hotel has 3380 rooms.

Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach

6. Hotel Palazzo in Las Vegas. It has 3066 rooms. It offers guests casinos, luxurious pools, regular shows with pop stars.

Hotel Palazzo in Las Vegas

7. Venetian Hotel in Macau. It has over 3000 rooms. The complex has more than three hundred boutiques, thirty-five restaurants, a conference room, and an exhibition hall. There is a golf club and a magnificent SPA center.

Hotel Venetian in Macau

8. Hotel Paris in Las Vegas. The four-star giant, which has become a landmark of Las Vegas due to a smaller copy of the Eiffel Tower, built in front of the hotel. Types of rooms – 2916 rooms.

Hotel Paris in Las Vegas

9. Gaylord Opryland Hotels in Nashville’s Amusement Park. 2881 rooms the hotel offers its guests. There are also swimming pools, a golf course, a garden and many restaurants and bars.

Gaylord Opryland Hotels

10. Hotel Pop Century Resort in a Disney amusement park. Types of rooms – 2880 rooms. Nearby is a water park and theme park.

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