The oldest hotels in the world
The oldest hotels in the world are scattered around the world. Appearing as inns at the crossroads of trade routes, they still delight guests with the centuries-old traditions of hospitality.…

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The largest hotels and hotels in the world.
The largest hotels in the world are not just gigantic buildings with thousands of rooms, they are entire towns with complex internal infrastructure. The number of personnel in such hotels…

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History of the concepts of "Hotel" and "Hotel"
Russia and its visiting card Moscow has always been famous and famous for its hospitality. Thousands of workers in the metropolitan hotel business are doing their job in the metropolis,…

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Types of rooms in a hotel

Often, when making an order for booking a room in a hotel or hotel, we encounter difficulties in determining the category of the room in which we will stay. Incomprehensible characters without explanation are misleading. There are many different classifications, but the following is most common:

STD (Standard). Standard
One room, usually the cheapest, but also the most popular, as it has all the necessary conditions. These rooms make up a large part of the total number of hotels.

SUP (Superior). Improved
It is usually similar in size and condition to Sandard numbers. May have a better view from the window, more nice furniture. Superior is more expensive than Standatd by about 10-25%.

DLX (Deluxe). Excellent
It is distinguished by its large size, the best view from the window, the best furniture and decoration. The room, despite the increased comfort is also one room. Deluxe is about 25-50% more expensive than Standard.

J. SUITE (Junior Suite). Junior Suite
It combines all the advantages of Deluxe, but has a large area, better finishes and furniture. Usually consists of one, less often of two rooms. Junior Suite is about 30-60% more expensive than Standard.

SUITE (Suite). Suite
Prestigious room for wealthy customers. As a rule, twice as expensive as Standard rooms. Usually includes two or three rooms with luxurious decoration and scenic views.

PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. Presidential Suite
It features the greatest luxury in decoration and furnishings. Includes three, and often five large. There are several bathrooms, a large balcony with excellent views. Often located in a penthouse. It can be located on two floors. This type of room is usually five to ten times more expensive than Standard. Most often, a hotel has only one room in this category.

The interior of the world’s most expensive hotel room.
The most expensive hotel room in the world

Features of the choice of room type
Despite the current classification, in different hotels and, especially, in different countries, the same room category can significantly differ both in price and in level of comfort. It is most correct when choosing a room to call the hotel and make sure that all the necessary attributes of the category you selected are present.

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