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The most expensive hotels in the world
When planning a vacation, everyone chooses a hotel or a hotel according to their means and capabilities. Usually, with an increase in wealth, the average price that a traveler is…

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The most expensive hotels in the world

When planning a vacation, everyone chooses a hotel or a hotel according to their means and capabilities. Usually, with an increase in wealth, the average price that a traveler is willing to pay for hotel accommodation also increases. Is there a limit to this price? For very wealthy tourists and for all who strive for the best and most expensive, we have prepared a list of the most expensive hotels in the world.

In tenth place is the French Hotel Park Hyatt-Vendôm, located in Paris.

Park Hyatt-Vendôm
740 square meters of luxury for $ 15,500 a night. It offers guests a restaurant famous for the exquisite cuisine of recognized masters, an elite bar, a sauna and a swimming pool with hydromassage.

The ninth place is also occupied by the French hotel Four Seasons George V.

Four Seasons George V.

If you want to feel like a king, then this hotel in Paris is perfect. For $ 16,000 a day, a guest becomes the owner of one of two Royal suites (rooms). The 2500 square meter suite has a bathroom, sauna, kitchen, personal office, space for relaxation and entertainment. Luxury and comfort can be traced literally in everything: from exquisite furniture to decoration.

In eighth place is the Swiss hotel Le Richemond in Geneva.

Le richemond
For $ 17,500, guests receive the Royal Suite, which occupies the entire floor of the building. The glow of gold in the decoration and the elaborate mosaic create the feeling of being in the palace, and the magnificent views of the Alps and the whole of Geneva from the terrace of 90 square meters make it possible to feel like a real monarch.

Seventh place was taken by the Burj Al Arab Hotel, located in Dubai.

Burj al arab
The royal suite here costs $ 18,000 a night. In order to make the hotel guest feel like a sheikh, he has at his disposal a two-story room with mahogany furniture and marble floors. As additional services, one can note a helicopter for any movement and its own cinema for recreation.

In sixth place of the most expensive hotels in the world is the domestic The Ritz-Carlton, located in Moscow.

The ritz-Carlton
Only $ 18,200 per night and at your disposal a chic room of 760 square meters with windows to the ceiling. It offers superb views of Red Square and the Kremlin. The room has everything for a demanding soul: underfloor heating, a piano, a beautiful library.

Fifth place is rightfully occupied by The Atlantis, located on the Paradise Island of the Bahamas archipelago.

The atlantis
$ 25,000 per night will have to pay the guest. It will feature a room of 10 luxurious rooms with beautiful sea views.

In fourth place is the Swiss President Wilson Hotel in Geneva, which costs $ 33,000 per room.

President Wilson Hotel
The royal penthouse of this hotel is located on the top floor of a huge building and has been appreciated by many famous politicians of the world.

Third place is occupied by the American Four Seasons Hotel in the USA.

Four seasons

For $ 34,000, the guest is given a 9-room suite with a panoramic view of the whole of New York, his own butler and the luxurious decoration of all rooms with gold, platinum and pearls.

In second place is also the American hotel Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Palms Casino Resort
$ 40,000 worth a night in a huge Playboy-style room. It features its own butler, jacuzzi, a rotating bed and a sparkling sky above his head due to the glass ceiling.

In first place for high cost and luxury is the Greek hotel Grand Resort Lagonissi in Attica.

Grand resort lagonissi

Room rates per night at this hotel are $ 50,000. For this money, the guest receives almost all conceivable benefits, including: a heated pool, a private beach, a sauna, a beautiful view of the sea, his own butler and pianist.

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