Mini-hotel for rest in Moscow
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Hotel for an hour in Moscow
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Types of food in hotels

When choosing a hotel or hotel, the traveler often encounters many strange and incomprehensible notations. In particular, the types of food in hotels are usually denoted by two or three Latin letters. These designations are deciphered as abbreviations from English phrases in which the meaning of the type of food offered by the hotel lies.

Food in hotels
What types of food are in hotels?
There are only five main types of food in hotels:

“No meals” – guests are provided with a room or bed without meals included in the price. At the same time, the hotel itself may have a restaurant or kitchen where you can eat for a fee.

Common designations: RO (Room only), EP (European Plan), BO (Bed Only), AO (Accomodation Only), NO.

“Breakfast” – guests have the opportunity to have breakfast every morning in a cafe or restaurant. Breakfast is included in the price. Most often, a breakfast buffet is offered to guests, the variety of dishes in which depends on the country and hotel category.

Common designations: BB (Bed & breakfast).

Half Board – Guests are offered either breakfast and dinner, or breakfast and lunch. There is a choice of half board depending on the preferences of the guest.

Common designation: HB (Half board).

“Full Board” – standard three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the event that guests for some reason miss a meal, they can count on a “lunch ration” if they warn of their absence in advance.

Common designation: FB (Full board).

All-inclusive – guests are offered breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the day. Additionally, a daily breakfast, late dinner, afternoon snack, light snacks, etc. can be organized.

Common designation: AI (All inclusive).

Additional types of food in hotels
In the conditions of rapid development of the hotel business and considerable competition, additional types of food appeared, which are modifications of the main ones:

Continental Breakfast – a light breakfast that consists of a drink and a bun with butter in various variations.

Common designation: CB (Continental breakfast).

American Breakfast – Unlike a regular breakfast, there is no variety of hot dishes. From hot, usually only omelet with bacon or sausages.

Common designation: AB (American breakfast).

Ultra All Inclusive is a higher level of all inclusive type of food. It features better alcohol, the choice of cuisines from around the world, a huge selection of sweets, desserts and snacks.

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