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Hotels for tourists in Moscow

There are a lot of hotels in Moscow. However, there are not so many hotels that are ideal for tourists. First of all, this situation is associated with the particular needs of the average tourist, which, in turn, form certain requirements for hotels.

Hotels for tourists in Moscow
What is the difference between hotels for tourists:
Territorial location.

For a true traveler, the capital of Russia is, first of all, a lot of cultural and historical centers. Hotel for tourists should be located so that the sights are within walking distance.

Possibility of booking online.

A tourist is a person who usually comes from another city or country, so he needs to be able to book a hotel room quickly, conveniently and remotely. Today, such an opportunity is realized using online booking technologies.

Possibility of payment by international bank cards.

If the tourist is a foreigner, then he must be given the opportunity to pay for hotel services with an international bank card. Many hotels, without such an opportunity, simply lose customers.

Extra services at reasonable prices.

For the tourist, extra services at the hotel can be very important. Sometimes the choice of a hotel is based on the availability of such services. In particular, for foreign tourists, a shuttle to the airport or train station is important. For any travelers nowadays, the free Internet has become indispensable. Laundry services are often in demand.

Staff who speak foreign languages.

A long time ago, the knowledge of English by the hotel staff, counting on the reception of international tourists, has become the norm. Of course, not every hotel employee can speak the language, but at least the administrator must know it.

Examples of hotels for tourists
Excellent examples of hotels for tourists are the mini-hotel Russian Apartments on Zubovsky Boulevard and the mini-hotel Russian Apartments on Lenivka.

The convenient location in the historical center of Moscow, a convenient site with English and Russian versions, the ability to pay with international cards, additional services and trained staff make these hotels attractive for foreign and Russian tourists.

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