Hotel chains
The basis of the global hotel business, its foundation is currently a hotel chain. It is in them that standards of service and hotel management are formed, innovations are introduced.…

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Hotel History
The history of hotels dates back to ancient times. The first hotels were taverns, mentions of which can be found in the manuscripts of Ancient Greece and ancient Rome. Travels…

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The most romantic hotels to celebrate Valentine's Day
On the eve of Valentine's Day, we want to talk about the most romantic hotels in the world. 1. The Place Luxury Boutique Villas Hotel in Thailand on Tau Island.…

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Attributes of a modern hotel

In the courtyard of the 21st century, the pace of life accelerated, the quality improved. Many concepts have disappeared from our lives, remaining only in memory. Others, on the contrary, appeared quite recently by historical standards and now occupy a significant part of our reality. The concept of “hotel” appeared a very long time ago. Its essence has not changed. However, the content, that is, what a person invests in this concept today, has undergone changes along with world progress.

Hotel Attributes
What has now become indispensable attributes of any hotel?
Wi-Fi Internet.

For a modern person, mobility is very important. The ability to always stay in touch, work from anywhere in the world, share your impressions with hundreds of friends at any time of the day. All this allows you to do the Internet. A hotel or a hotel without Wi-Fi in today’s world is a discomfort for a guest.

Possibility of online booking.

All the same accelerating pace of life and the development of the Internet made online booking a hotel room in great demand. Agree, it’s convenient to make a few clicks, choose and guaranteed to book a room, how to call, arrange, and then worry about whether there will be a place to spend the night in an unfamiliar city.

Cleanliness and comfort.

In conditions of high competition, hotels try to organize the maximum comfort for guests. Hotel guests are accustomed to good furniture, cleanliness and comfort and, of course, expect this in the order of things. When choosing a hotel, we can look at photos and compare the level of comfort in different hotels in a few minutes.

Unobtrusive, inconspicuous staff.

For many guests, peace and independence are part of comfort. Hotel guests do not want to be disturbed about and without reason. As a result, a new standard of service in hotels appears. Guests do not notice the staff, however, as soon as the guest has any need or question requiring the intervention of hotel services, there are many ways to quickly resolve it.


The now fashionable word “transfer” means constant availability for guests of transport services. Guests do not need to worry about how to catch a taxi to go to the airport or anywhere in an unfamiliar city. It is enough to declare your desire to go somewhere to the administrator and transport at an affordable price will be provided on time.

Restaurant or cuisine.

The ability to eat tasty and inexpensively without an additional search for a cafe or restaurant is another attribute of a modern hotel and, as a rule, a good income item for it. If the hotel does not have its own restaurant, guests will usually find a comfortable, fully equipped kitchen where you can cook whatever you like on your own.

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