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Hotel room or apartment for rent?

Inexperienced tourists often face the problem of choosing between a hotel room or apartment for rent. Despite the apparent equivalence in price, there are many pitfalls that are worth remembering when making a choice.

Hotel room or apartment for rent
Cons of apartments for rent
The absence of a legal entity. As a rule, the owners of apartments that are rented out anywhere are not registered, respectively, you do not conclude any official agreement with them during the placement, no one will give you a check. Also, the lack of a legal entity for the contractor means the senselessness and impossibility of making claims on the quality of the services provided.

Poor sanitary conditions. No one controls the sanitary condition of the apartment, except for its owner. Since the sanitary standards of the owner of the apartment may differ significantly from the official sanitary standards, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the level of cleanliness in the room.

Lack of guarantees of confidentiality and security. No one will tell you about the reliability and sanity of the neighbors in a rented apartment.

There is no insurance against fraud. You can’t do anything with the landlord if the apartment does not comply with the stated living conditions or does not return the paid security deposit.

Advantages of hotel accommodation
Professional service. All hotel staff are interested in making your stay comfortable and safe. For a hotel, your opinion is a reputation, and your dissatisfaction is a serious legal risk.

Lack of power problems. Having your own inexpensive restaurant or kitchen is one of the most common additional services at the hotel, increasing the comfort of guests.

Convenient location. Hotels are usually located near major traffic intersections.

Convenient payment methods. Sometimes, the presence of cashless payments or card payments greatly simplifies the lives of guests.

Full reporting for accounting. If the employee’s business trip is paid by the company, then in the hotel, which is a priori a legal entity, there will be no problems with the preparation of accounting documents for accounting.

Remote booking. The presence of a site with a booking form allows you to remotely familiarize yourself with the hotel, pre-book a room and be sure that upon arrival in an unfamiliar city, you will have a place to spend the night.

Based on the foregoing, the choice is obvious: hotel accommodation is much more convenient and safer than renting an apartment.

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