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Where to spend the night in Moscow
Moscow is a metropolis that attracts people from all over Russia and from abroad. If you are organizing a trip yourself in order to resolve business issues or get to…

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What should be in the hotel room
Arriving at a hotel or hotel, each guest expects to see a certain set of furniture, things, a certain level of comfort. Naturally, different-class hotels make out their rooms in…

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Cheap hotel rooms in Moscow
Many hotels in the capital offer travelers a huge selection of rooms of various price categories. In search of cheap hotel rooms, we turn the entire Internet upside down and…

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The most romantic hotels to celebrate Valentine’s Day

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, we want to talk about the most romantic hotels in the world.

1. The Place Luxury Boutique Villas Hotel in Thailand on Tau Island.
The complex of luxury villas is scattered on the hills near the beach. Each villa has its own pool, terrace, spacious bath under a glass roof. All this, combined with stunning nature, which is specially guarded in its original form, makes the vacation unforgettable, and the place is truly romantic.

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Free online hotel reservation

A few decades ago, to book a hotel online was out of the question. However, technology does not stand still and now online booking is an integral attribute of any self-respecting hotel.

Why is booking a hotel online easier and faster?
Hotel reservation is a process that requires a certain level of responsibility and time from a client. No one wants to come to an unfamiliar city and stay on the street, or spend the night in unacceptable conditions. Therefore, any sane person, before booking a hotel online, must get the information that interests him. Continue reading

What you can see near the “Russian Apartments” hotels

Acquaintance with the sights is an indispensable point of the program of the visit of guests to Moscow, regardless of the purpose of their arrival, since every intelligent person wants to broaden their horizons, take a historical excursion, and get acquainted with the spiritual component of the city, i.e. spend your free time with benefit and pleasure.

Guests of the mini-hotel “Russian Apartments” on the street. Volkhonka and Zubovsky Boulevard do not need to think through the cultural program of their stay in the capital, since they are a priori surrounded by historically and spiritually significant objects. Continue reading

How to choose a hotel in Moscow

For many years Moscow has been the focus of business and tourist life in Russia. Hundreds of thousands of Russians, residents of near and far abroad come to the capital every day. For someone, the purpose of the visit is business matters, someone wants to see unique sights. And before all, the question arises of choosing a hotel where you can comfortably accommodate.

It is difficult to make a choice from a large number of options offered today in the metropolitan hotel services market. To facilitate the search for a hotel in Moscow, we offer you to be guided by the main criteria that determine the suitability of your choice. Continue reading

Hotel for an hour in Moscow

Services of mini-hotels for an hour have recently become increasingly popular in the metropolis. Hourly rates in Moscow are used by both citizens and visitors — businessmen, business travelers, and tourists. The comfort of the mini-hotel and the cozy home environment allow our guests to have a good rest and not overpay for services, waiting for the checkout time, as in hotels providing for payment for the whole day.

Who are the customers of the hotel for an hour
guests of the capital who need to rest for several hours awaiting departure or late Muscovite relatives, i.e. those who do not want to overpay for the whole day; Continue reading

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What you can see near the "Russian Apartments" hotels
Acquaintance with the sights is an indispensable point of the program of the visit of guests to Moscow, regardless of the purpose of their arrival, since every intelligent person wants…


Mini-hotel near the metro
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Mini-hotel for rest in Moscow
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